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Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Device Bondage)

2 Sick fucks terrorize one of the toughest asses this site has ever seen.
Kink '2 x 4 of Indifference' starring Sophia Locke (photo 1)

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Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 01)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 02)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 03)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 04)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 05)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 06)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 07)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 08)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 09)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 10)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 11)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 12)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 13)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 14)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 15)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 16)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 17)
Sophia Locke - 2 x 4 of Indifference (Thumb 18)
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Sophia Locke - Breaking Sophia Locke

Sophia Locke - Device Bondage

19th June - Every girl is different as far as what they are capable of handling, or what they want during a shoot. Sophia is the kind that wants extreme bondage, grueling torment, and mind blowing orgasms, with an emphasis on the suffering. We start her in a standing position with a 12 pound bowling ball tied to her neck. By the end of the scene her legs are off the ground and another bowling ball is hanging from a pussy chain. Remember this is just the warm up.Next Sophia is an a grueling back bend with her entire body restrained in cold steel. Her body is subjected to a non stop assault with everything I can use. Her nipples are destroyed with our suction device that is filled with small spikes. She starts to become overwhelmed with the suffering and we actually see her succumb to the pain. Her orgasms are filled with agonizing punishment, but she finds a way to work through it.We finish the day in a way that will blow most people's minds. Sophia, who is terrified of having her face covered, has her face covered and blindfolded. She is now trapped in her own darkness, and she begins to panic. The pain quickly comes in the form of pure brutality, and we see Sophia ease into her own world. I quickly remove the blindfold and bring her back toi the reality that the suffering will continue and she is to be present for it's entirety. ...Read More
Sophia Locke - Feeding Her Insatiable Appetite with Machine Fucking!!

Sophia Locke - Fucking Machines

24th June - Sophia is an all natural babe with a killer body. She works hard to keep her body in such great shape, and we plan to work just as hard to fuck her harder than she's ever been fucked before. By the end of the first scene her pussy is dripping wet from all of her orgasms, and we plan to keep this pace up as long as we can. She's a trooper and begs us to fuck her faster and harder, so we give this insatiable little slut exactly what she came for! ...Read More
Sophia Locke - The Paddle Club

Sophia Locke - Upper Floor

16th January - Gorgeous slave girls receive hard discipline and hard dick on the Upper Floor!
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Sophia Locke - Sadistic Rope

4th February - Take one of the toughest masochists and give her to one of the most sadistic people and you get one twisted shoot.
Sophia Locke - House Of Ill Repute: Double stuffed in a sexual surrealist fantasy!

Sophia Locke - Hardcore Gangbang

24th June - Hardcore Gangbang is proud to debut Sophia Locke in a no holds barred, high intensity, surrealist take down gangbang! If you've been missing the take downs, your wait is over and this amazing whore does not hold back! Sophia is given an ultimatum and tries to escape the hands of her gangbangers but fails and is stuffed face first into the toilet to cleanse her of all her whore glory before they tear her apart with their hard cocks! This slut is seriously special and fights back but takes those cocks like a hungry fucking whore with deep hard double penetration and extreme stretching of her cunt with double vag. She begs for a shower of filthy cum and the fuck cunt gets what she deserves! ...Read More
Sophia Locke - Squirting Orgams all around

Sophia Locke - Ultimate Surrender

24th November - This match start with Ella Nova and Sophia Locke scheduled to take ont Mia Li and Fallon West. After an exhausting first round, Ella is pulled off the mats and Mona Wales steps in for her. Team muscle misses out on a tag in round one and they fall behind but they pick up momentum and rip an orgasm from one of their opponents during a tag. They are able to catch up and make a nail bitting, suspenseful matchThis is a night of games! Losers perform in a "biggest Loser Sex fight. One loser has to play "guess who's pussy is in your mouth" after she fails at guessing correctly she must lick everyone's pussy while they are stacked in a pussy pyramid. Lot's of squirting orgasms into the losers' faces. ...Read More

Sophia Locke - The Chain Gang(Bang)

Sophia Locke - Big Butts Like It Big

28th June - Facing a long bid in federal prison, Sophia Locke agrees to have her sentence shortened. The catch? She's got to serve her time in a men's penitentiary. These guys haven't seen fresh pussy in years. Sophia's about to do hard time. ...Read More
Sophia Locke - Sophia Locke's first anal scene with BangBros!

Sophia Locke - Mr. Anal

30th June - Today's Mr.Anal is a special one. New to the game, this is Sophia Locke's 21st scene and first time working with BangBros. This babe is juicy and thick. Very curvaceous with huge natural tits, perfect hips, an ass made for anal. Before we got things started, Sophia stripped naked and pleasured herself with a vibrator until creaming all over it. Rob Piper wasted no time at all. He definitely liked what he saw. Pulling his monster cock for Sophia to sit on. Went straight for the asshole. Going balls deep! Sophia took an anal pounding from all angles. Making her moan with every stroke of that big black dick until getting a huge load of cum sprayed all over that pretty face. Sophia Locke, welcome to BangBros! ...Read More
Sophia Locke - Thick Redhead creams on the cock!

Sophia Locke - Bangbros Clips

1st September - Holly Fucking Performance. I love thick girls that can fuck, and that is why we are chilling with Sophia Locke again! After watching her get fucked the last time, we had back for more. This time with Chris Strokes. Being that she loves to fuck, we figured why not pair her up with somebody that lays the pipe down. Let's see if Sophia can handle a big dick!. ...Read More
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