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Alexxa Bound - Puppy love! Chubby pet turned obedient bitch.

Alexxa Bound - Public Disgrace

7th June - Taking Doggy-style to the next level: Alexxa Bound is everyones favorite pet puppy. She licks, barks, rolls over and takes cock like an obedient bitch
Alexxa Bound - Community Dinner

Alexxa Bound - Upper Floor

30th December - The evening turns into a raucous girl on girl wrestling match for The Stewards cock. Everyone wins and is fucked in the end.
Juliette March - Juliette Day 2 Heavy Labor, Intense Bondage, and Brutal Torment

Juliette March - Training Of O

11th November - Two days in and pixie proves she will be trained, after some Heavy Labor, Intense Bondage, and Brutal Torment
The Upper Floor @

Juliette March - Five Girl Intake The Elimination Begins

Juliette March - Training Of O

7th October - We start with five potential trainees and four handlers. The day is filled with heavy exercise, humiliation, pain testing and orgasm control.
Lilla Katt - Day 2 March Intake The Final Two are Selected

Lilla Katt - Training Of O

14th March - The Final Two are Selected. The training begins early and the final two start to learn what lies ahead of them.
Lilla Katt - Day 1 March Dirty Trainess Make Dirty Slaves

Lilla Katt - Training Of O

11th March - Day 1 March. Dirty Trainees Make Dirty Slaves-The girls are marched into the basement stripped, scrubbed, and hosed down.