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Kirra Lynne - Vendetta (3-0) vs Kirra The Pitt Bull Lynne (0-1)

Kirra Lynne - Ultimate Surrender

27th January - Two girls battle naked, brutal wrestling, loser ass fucked!!
Amber Rayne - LIVE TAG TEAM LEAGUE Team Purple vs Team Blue

Amber Rayne - Ultimate Surrender

26th December - Tag Team non scripted sex wrestling, Brutal holds and fucking.
Vendetta - Vendetta (2-0) vs Ami The Valkyrie Emerson (0-1)

Vendetta - Ultimate Surrender

9th December - Two Blonds battle naked to see who fucks the other!
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Vai - Vendetta (1-0) vs Vai The Apprentice (0-0)

Vai - Ultimate Surrender

18th November - Former champ crushes newcomer and makes her to cum on the mat!